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Venture Capital

  • Fund eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa
  • Two VC funds dedicated to supporting and enhancing the success of our portfolio companies
  • From Business Angels to leading VC investors

Venture Capital


Up to


Strategy & Opportunity
  • Pre seed, seed and follow on investments
  • Tech start ups in Portugal and the rest of Europe
  • Shilling’s continuation fund targeting series A and B rounds
  • Leveraging Shilling’s proprietary deal flow from the first fund
  • Supported by 3 large institutional investors, 2 of them global
  • Over 90% subscribed in the first closing and ready for final closing
  • Only 9 slots available for Golden Visa investors

1. Investment Strategy

The investment fund focuses on startups and scaleups in Portugal and the rest of the Europe from Series A stage and beyond, with high growth potential in sectors such as AI, Consumer Products, Marketplaces, FinTech, HealthTech, Web3, SpaceTech, and ClimateTech.

We believe in people and ideas, regardless of the industry. Our agnostic strategy drives us to invest in key industries and disruptive technologies that will shape the future.

Guided by an innovation-driven approach, we are committed to discovering groundbreaking ideas that have the potential to transform and revolutionize various industries.

We’ve championed promising rising stars with conviction

Named as a “Rising Star” startup by Dealroom (2022)

Over 1.5M customers in 21 markets (2022) around Europe

CEO Awarded “Most Innovative Pet Care Business Leader”

Named as a “Future Unicorn” by Dealroom (2022)

“Emerging challenger to the MS Excel” by Sequoia Capital (2023)

Named as a “Rising Star” startup by Dealroom (2022)

Portugal’s top startup by LinkedIn & one of Europe’s Hottest Startups by WIRED (2022 & 2023)

AI 100: The most promising artificial intelligence startups of 2023 by CB Insights

2. Differentiation Factors

Advisors Program

We grant our founders access to a network of top-notch entrepreneurs, offering them valuable expertise and insights.

Access to Unique Capital

Our primary focus is to uplift founders on their fundraising journey, transcending borders and propelling them from to a global stage of opportunities.

Self-serve knowledge

Personalized support and invaluable resources, including perks, services, grants, tax benefits, playbooks, workshops, and much more.

Collaborative Entrepreneurship

We facilitate online and in-person gatherings for our founders to connect, nurturing a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, unlike any other.

3. Key Numbers

Invest in scalable businesses and high-growth sectors, targeting an average return of 3 times the invested capital.

Investment: 500,000 €
Fund Duration: 8 years
Investment Period: 5 years

Why Draycott?


Years in the field


Professional Funds:
+1.8B of capital raised


Average Historical Returns


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We streamline the investment process to acquire a Portuguese Golden Visa.

Our team will:
  • Provide you all information regarding the Portugal Golden Visa process, benefits and investment requirements.
  • Help you discover which investment fund and solution best fits your interest as an investor.
  • Ensure to support you during the Golden Visa acquisition process.

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