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Our team

Strong professional team composed of investment and operational professionals, supporting the portfolio companies not only during acquisitions, international expansion, and buy & build processes, but also in their value creation and ESG initiatives


Joao Coelho Borges Draycott
Founding Partner

João Coelho Borges

the creative problem solver & all-time big dreamer


João is Draycott’s Founding Partner. His vast professional experience of 25 years has focused on Private Equity (18 years, of which 16 in Portugal and Spain), Mergers & Acquisitions, and Strategic Consulting. He worked at Goldman Sachs (M&A, London), Magnum Capital Industrial Partners (PE, Madrid & Lisbon), Och-Ziff Capital Management (PE, London), and McKinsey & Company (Strategic Consulting, Lisbon and Madrid). He is also founding partner at Shilling Venture Capital

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Magnum Capital (16 years, Madrid & Lisbon)
  • Och-Ziff Capital Management (2 years, London)
  • Goldman Sachs (3 years, M&A, London)
  • McKinsey & Company (Lisbon & Madrid)
  • MBA – Columbia Business School (USA)
  • MsC Business – CLSBE (Portugal) & Salamanca University (Spain)
  • BsC Business – CLSBE (Portugal)
António Gellweiler Partner

António Gellweiler

the gentleman


António is Partner at Draycott, having been Founding Partner at many major firms within and outside the Draycott’s universe. He has strong track record in the Energy (cogeneration and renewables), Real Estate and Hospitality sectors, namely in firms like Iberwind, FINERGE, Exus Management Partners, LAJE Capital and Sublime Hotels Group

Relevant previous experiences:
  • LAJE Capital
  • Exus Management Partners
  • Sublime Hotels
  • Finerge
  • Iberwind
  • Etc.
  • BsC Business Administration & Economics – Richmond University (UK)
Hugo Gonçalves Pereira

Hugo Gonçalves Pereira

The entrepreneurial investor


Hugo became Partner at Draycott after a 25-year career in Consulting and Investment. His investment experience started in Venture Capital in London and, after returning to Portugal, branched out into Growth Equity, Renewables and Real Estate. In 2014, he founded one of the most successful real estate developers in Portugal, pioneering the student housing and senior living segments

Relevant previous experiences:
  • ReVentures, Property Developers (2 years, Lisbon)
  • Shilling (13 years, Lisbon)
  • U.hub Student Residences (9 years, Lisbon)
  • Kendall Develops (14.5 years, Madrid)
  • Mogope (19 years, Lisbon)
  • B-Business Partners (3 years, London)
  • Arthur D. Little (2 years, Lisbon & Madrid)
  • MBA – Harvard Business School (USA)
  • MsC Business – CLSBE (Portugal)
  • BcS Business – CLSBE (Portugal)

Investment team

Investment Director

Vanessa Moura Brás

the index case – Draycott’s first hire


Vanessa is Investment Director at Draycott, having joined the firm in 2019. She has experience in the area of Corporate Finance, having advised a diverse set of clients in financial due diligence processes, buy/sell mandates, Independent Business Reviews, business plans, and firm valuations

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Deloitte Portugal (7 years)
  • MBA INSEAD (France & Singapore)
  • MsC Finance – Nova SBE (Portugal)
  • BsC Management – Nova SBE (Portugal)
Portfolio Director

Marta Bento

the wanna be health guru


Marta is Operations Director at Draycott, with focus on the portfolio’s value creation and sustainability agendas. She has experience in strategic consulting and in corporate, namely in strategic planning and innovation functions

On the social side, she headed the fundraising initiatives at Católica Move in 2014-15, while at BCG, and tutored less favored teenagers at an after-school occupational center in Musgueira as a teenager

Relevant previous experiences:
  • CUF – Hospitais e Clínicas (5 years)
  • Boston Consulting Group (3 years)
  • MBA INSEAD (France & Singapore)
  • MsC Civil Engineering – IST (Portugal & USA)
Associate Director

Madalena Peres

the social machine


Madalena is Associate Director at Draycott, having joined the firm in 2021. She has developed several financial projects in the past, namely M&A mandates, valuations, business plans, and debt restructuring projects

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Deloitte (3 years)
  • Haitong Bank (2 years)
  • Oxy Capital (0.5 year)
  • Msc in International Finance HULT IBS – (UK & USA)
  • BsC Business Administration and Management – Católica SBE (Portugal)
Tomás Branco Draycott

Tomás Branco

the cross-checker


Tomás joined Draycott’s buyouts team as an Analyst in 2022, having previous experience in mergers & acquisitions, financial restructuring, valuations, and business development

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Deloitte Portugal (2 years)
  • Millenium BCP (1 year)
  • MsC Finance – Nova SBE (Portugal)
  • BsC Economics – Nova SBE (Portugal)
Manuel Galarza ANALYST

Manuel Galarza

the musician – pianist since age 5


Manuel joined Draycott’s buyouts team as an Analyst in 2023, having previously worked in mergers & acquisitions and valuations

While working in Barcelona, he helped rehouse 100+ Ukranians within Spanish host families in 2022

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Clearwater International (1 year)
  • Haitong Bank (0.5 years)
  • Msc Finance – ISCTE (Portugal)
  • BSc Management – ISCTE (Portugal)
  • CFA Institute (Level 1)
Marta Dias

Marta Dias

Devoted to ice cream & chocolate


Marta joined Draycott as Analyst in 2024, after completing her MsC in Finance at Nova SBE


  • MsC Finance – Nova SBE (Portugal)
  • BsC Business Administration and Management – Católica SBE (Portugal)
Special Projects
Nuno António Invesment Director
Investment Director

Nuno António

the Jack of all trades


Nuno has been Investment Director at Draycott since 2019 and in other companies within Draycott’s universe since 2017. He is responsible for structuring and managing special buyouts and real estate investments, having been involved in various very large real estate developments, namely in the residential and hospitality sectors

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Draycott’s universe – LAJE Capital (since 2017)
  • F9 Consulting (12 years)
  • Deloitte (1 years)
  • Andersen (5 years)
  • Post-Graduation Strategic Management – CLSBE (Portugal)
  • Graduation (MsC included) Business Administration – ISEG (Portugal)
Investment Director

Miriam Forte

the cheap-wine girl


Miriam supports Draycott SCR in investment projects with significant components of M&A and debt structuring, having over five years of experience in deleveraging balance sheets of major portuguese banks

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Novo Banco (1.5 years)
  • Hudson Advisors L.P. (3.5 years)
  • KPMG (2.5 years)
  • EFACEC (2.5 years)
  • BsC Business Administration & Management – CLSBE (Portugal)
Real Estate
Pedro Quintanilha Real Estate Partner
Real Estate Partner

Pedro Quintanilha

the Real Estate architect


Pedro is Real Estate Partner at Draycott. He has 25 years of experience in promoting and developing real estate, business modelling and financing operations for heavy infrastructure projects, as well as advising investors and institutional players in various geographies

Relevant previous experiences:
  • EY (2 years)
  • JLL (1 year)
  • AQF (5 years)
  • Temple Group (12 years)
  • Pal arquitectos (5 years)
  • Post-graduation Management and Business Consulting – ISEG (Portugal)
  • BsC Architecture – U. Lusíada (Portugal)
Real Estate Associate Director

Cristina Caldeira

the uncovered visual artist


Cristina joined Draycott’s Real Estate team as an Associate in 2023, where she monitors investing and divesting operations, develops and implements of business plans, and performs portfolio management. She has past experience in portfolio management and investment banking

Growing up, she was a volunteer at Majune, where she led summer camps and activities with less favored kids

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Fidelidade (3 years)
  • Credit Suisse (2 years)
  • MsC Finance – ESADE (Spain)
  • BsC International Business Administration – Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands)
Sales & Marketing Director

Sebastião Pessanha

the joker


Sebastião has been in charge of Marketing & Sales at different companies within Draycott’s universe since 2018, having a professional career of almost 30 years, most of which in commercial functions and functions with direct contact with the final client

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Draycott’s universe – LAJE Capital (since 2018)
  • Sotheby’s (2.5 years)
  • Securitas Direct (0.5 years)
  • DPV soluções comerciais (0.5 years)
  • Conexus (1 year)
  • Key Advert (4 years)
  • GE Money (2 years)
  • Financeira El Corte Inglés (9 years)
  • Geolink (2 years)
  • Maxitel (2 years)
  • BsC Telco Engineering – Escola Náutica Infante D. Henrique (Portugal)
Real Estate Project Director

Ana Santos

the high heel construction engineer


Ana is Project Director in real estate enterprises promoted by Draycott, with special focus on Grupo Sublime Comporta and Amoreiras Vista. Her past professional career includes 13 years at group Sacyr – Somague, in which she was responsible for the Risk Management department, having also coordenated several projects in the following areas: Strategic Planning, Research, Development and Innovation, Quality and Environment

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Draycott’s universe – LAJE Capital (since 2017)
  • Somague Engenharia – Grupo Sacyr (13 years)
  • Other contractos Somague Engenharia (3 years)
  • Post Graduation – Business Administration and Management – CLSBE (Portugal)
  • BsC in Engineering & Construction Management – U. Moderna (Portugal)
Claudia Menino Real Estate Director
Real Estate Project Director

Cláudia Inês Menino

the creative – into jewelry and photography


Cláudia is Project Director at Draycott, focused on the analysis of real estate opportunities and on the development of real estate projects. She has over 12 years of experience in urbanism, property valuation, and development / management of real estate projects (both new construction and rehabilitation). She is also trained in quality management

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Draycott’s universe – LAJE Capital (since 2017)
  • Orientempo Real Estate (2 years)
  • Inforhabitat Real Estate (2 years)
  • VTXRM (1 year)
  • Urban Match (2 years)
  • Deloitte (0.5 year)
  • MBA Candidate – Lisbon MBA & MIT (Portugal & USA)
  • PMP – Project Management Professional from PMI
  • Real Estate Certified Appraiser
  • MsC Civil Engineering – Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)
Ricardo Jesus Site Manager
Site Manager

Ricardo Jesus

the all smiles


Ricardo joined Draycott’s Real Estate team in 2022 as Site Manager, having past experience in project management and construction, mainly in the luxury and premium segment

Relevant previous experiences:
  • CUBE Project Management (2 years)
  • Enescoord – Coordenação e Gestão de Projectos e Obras (4 years)
  • Bureau Veritas (5 years)
  • Consulgal (1 year)
  • Geotest (1 year)
  • MsC Civil Engineering – U. Nova de Lisboa FCT (Portugal)


Ana Jorge CFO

Ana Patrícia Jorge

the personal financial management geek & mentor


Ana joined Draycott as CFO in 2023. Between 2018 and 2023, she was CFO at Crest Capital Partners, having previously worked in financial auditing for almost 6 years

Relevant previous experiences:
  • CREST Capital Partners (5 years)
  • Baker Tilly (5.5 years)
  • MsC Accounting and Financial Analysis – ISCAL (Portugal)
  • BsC Accounting – ISCAL (Portugal)
Beatriz Silva
Financial Controller

Beatriz Silva

the carnival addict


Beatriz joined Draycott in 2023 as Financial Controller. She has previous experience in corporate investment and retail banking at a G-SIB, and in financial auditing

Relevant previous experiences:
  • BNP Paribas (3 years, Madrid)
  • BNP Paribas (2 years, Lisbon)
  • Baker Tilly (2 years, Lisbon)
  • MsC in Accounting – ISCTE (Portugal)
  • BsC in Business – ISCTE (Portugal)
Fábio Quendera
Certified Accountant

Fábio Quendera

the athtlete


Fábio joined Draycott in 2023 as Certified Accountant. Among other relevant professional experiences, he was serviceman at the Portuguese Air Force during 6 years, supporting its budget and financial management

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Força Aérea Portuguesa (6 years, Lisbon)
  • Henrique Pinto Viana & Associados, Lda (2 years, Lisbon)
  • Ana Margarida Martins, Unip., Lda (<1 year, Setúbal)
  • Axians Digital Solutions, SA (3 years, Lisbon)
  • Fundbox (<1 year, Lisbon)
  • Geral Business Management program – CLSBE (Portugal)
  • BsC in Accounting and Tax – ISCAL (Portugal)
Financial Manager

Cláudia Carias

the gym enthusiast


Cláudia is responsible for the financial department of certain portfolio companies within Draycott’s universe, where she leads the budgeting, reportings and treasury management exercises

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Multipower – SGPS, S.A. (20 years)
  • Deloitte (3 years)
  • BsC Financial Controlling – ISCAL (Portugal)

Legal & Compliance

Head of Legal & Compliance

Joana Vilhena

the ballerina


Joana is Draycott’s Head of Legal & Compliance, having joined the firm in 2023. She is responsible not only for monitoring legal matters of both the managing company and the funds under management, but also for the compliance function within the firm

On the social side, she was a volunteer at Vale De Acór as a teenager, supporting the rehabilitation of drug addicts, which triggered her social concerns. More recently, she hosted a family of Ukranians at home when the war with Russia started

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Explorer Investments – SCR (5 years)
  • Linklaters (8 years)
  • Shearman & Sterling (3 years)
  • Sérvulo (2 years)
  • MsC Law – University of London (UK)
  • BsC Law – UCP (Portugal)
Madalena Henriques Compliance Officer
Compliance Analyst

Madalena Henriques

crazy for concerts


Madalena joined Draycott’s Legal & Compliance office in 2023 as Compliance Analyst. Her previous experience included being Due Diligence Officer at BNP Paribas’ France Onboarding team. 

She is a regular blood donor (2-3 times per year, every year), and was a speaker at Make a Wish initiatives in 2015-16

Relevant previous experiences:
  • BNP Paribas (0.5 years)
  • Law firm – José J. Vieira (2 years)
  • BsC Law – UCP (Portugal)


Sofia Rangel HR MANAGER
HR Manager

Sofia Rangel

the gearhead


Sofia is HR Manager at Draycott, having been in charge of both talent acquisition and HR management functions within the firm since 2019

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Other SCR (5 years)
  • Post Grad. Compliance – IMF Smart Education (Portugal)
  • Post Grad. Financial Accounting – IESE (Portugal)
  • BsC Product Design – Universidade Belas Artes (Portugal)

Office Management

Filipa André Backoffice
Office Management

Filipa André

the motor biker


Filipa joined Draycott’s back-office team in 2020, having past experience as office manager, personal assistant and events organizer in different sectors

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Draycott’s universe – LAJE Capital (since 2020)
  • JP Inspiring Solutions (3 years)
  • Ministério do Emprego, Solidariedade e Segurança Social (4 years)
  • Assembleia da República (2 years)
  • Octagon/Esedos (4 years)
  • Lógico, SA (11 years)
  • BsC Marketing & Advertisement – IADE (Portugal)
  • BsC Management & Public Administration – ISCSP (Portugal)
Elsa Ramos Backoffice
Office Management

Elsa Ramos

the sun-chaser


Elsa joined Draycott team in 2019, where she performs back-office functions, having past experience in project development and support to management teams

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Draycott’s universe – LAJE Capital (since 2019)
  • Newvision (2 years)
  • Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica (9 years)
Vanda Cacilhas backoffice
Office Management

Vanda Cacilhas

the always hungry


Vanda joined Draycott’s back-office team in 2022, having past experience in Intellectual Property, namely in what concerned to managing processes of branding and patenting, nationally and internationally

Relevant previous experiences:
  • Instituto Nacional Propriedade Industrial (12 years)
  • Furtado Marcas e Patentes (5 years)
  • High School

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